Sunilachen Visit and South Carolina worship

Dear Ones,

Sunilachen ( Queens NY) will be visiting our parish from Fri, Feb.24 to Sun, Feb. 26. 
Fri, Feb. 24 – Snellville area prayer meeting.
Sat,Feb. 25 – Fayetteville area prayer meeting @ 5 PM Santhosh House.
Sun,Feb. 26 – Holy Communion service @ 10 AM. C P Church.
Please pray and participate in all of these meetings.
We plan to conduct a Holy Communion service on March 12th at Columbia SC.
Please pray and participate
Thank you, and with prayers,

Kuruvilla Achen’s Visit

Dear Beloved Ones,
Rev. K.B. Kuruvilla will be visiting our parish from December 17-18. 
Our election for next year’s office bearers will follow the Holy Communion Service on December 18.
Please prayerfully plan to attend,

Kuruvilla Achen’s Visit- July 2016

Dear Ones,
The following are the upcoming events for our church:
Rev. Cherian’s (Kerala) Parish Visit Postponed
July 30-31 Our Vicar Rev. K.B Kuruvilla Visit.
July 28-31: NAFYC (Grantham, PA)
Please prayerfully plan to attend these events.
Also, please pray for the family and parents of Linoy, as they arrive on the July 20,
With prayers,

Achen’s February Visit

Dear Beloved Ones,
I hope and pray that all of you are well during this winter season.
Rev. K.B. Kuruvilla and Kochamma will be visiting our parish, February 13-15.
Achen will be leading the Holy Communion Service on the 14th at 9:30 AM.
Please plan to join.
With prayers,

Christmas Program

Dear Beloved Ones,
Hope you all are having a blessed Christmas season. The following programs have been planned for this month:
Dec. 25: Christmas Service @ 10:30 AM (Columbia Presbyterian, Decatur, GA)
Dec. 26: Fayetteville Area Christmas Program @ 5 PM (Fayette Presbyterian, Fayetteville, GA)
Dec. 27: Sunday Service @ 10:00 AM (Reji’s house, TN)
Dec. 31: Watch Night Service @ 10:00 PM (Rajuchan’s house)
Please plan to attend all these events.
With prayers,

STECI ATL Upcoming Events

Dear Ones,
Rev. Augustin Koshy (Operation Mobilization Secunderabad) and Kochamma will be visiting us Oct. 17 and 18.
We will have a prayer meeting at Mr. Satheesh Thomas house on Saturday, Oct. 17 at 6 PM.
Holy Communion Service will be held on Sunday, Oct. 18 at 10:00 AM at Church. 
Please pray and participate in both events. 
Due to this reason, Rev. K.B. Kuruvilla’s visit has been postponed.
Thank you.
With prayers,
Thank You. 

May God Bless You,
STECI Atlanta